We're All Bastards Here

Fretful Days

In which it transpires that violence is the answer to many problems

In the morning, the wolf is still there, awake in the same location as the night before. In the daylight, it is apparent to Sothet (through Fret’s eyes) that there are no footprints in the snow around the wolf. She believes the wolf to be an illusion, but to test she has Fret knock snow from the branches above it. Snow lands on the wolf and it shakes it off and growls at Fret, which disproves the illusion hypothesis and leaves the group Very Concerned. They decide to try to take a slightly steeper route down to the main path and hopefully avoid the wolf, but when they leave the circle of the shrine it moves to intercept them. Most of the group makes a run for it downhill while Erkad moves to try to block the wolf from the rest.

The wolf charges Erkad, though he wounds it with his glaive as it does. The rest of the party turns back to support him from a distance, and injure the wolf more with fire spells, but it exhales an icy blast that brings Erkad to the brink of unconsciousness before they manage to kill it. They decide to have the hide turned into a cloak for Erkad as evidence of his heroism.

When the group returns to Aggatõ, carcass in tow, they announce that they have slain a giant frost-wolf, much to the consternation of the villagers who had no idea that there ever was a giant frost wolf near the town. After arranging to get the pelt tanned, the party decides to rest for the night before heading back up the mountain to deal with the campfire they spotted on their last two climbs.

Before night falls, Sothet goes to speak to the Rissash family. She is welcomed in, as she had no direct part in Otat’s amnesia. Since Shkihe will not leave Otat’s side, Etâ comes meets with Sothet instead. Sothet asks after Otat’s condition, and learns that her memories remain missing, back to the time when Xiratis died. Asking about that, she further learns that Xiratis’ death was not actually confirmed. About ten years ago, Xiratis had taken a walk in the nearby woods, as he was prone to doing, and never returned. When the search for him found no trace, he was presumed dead. After conveying her well-wishes for Otat, Sothet departs.

Sothet leaves Fret behind in the Rissash manor, and later that night directs him to fly around while she looks through his eyes in case there is any clue to be found there to the mysteries of Aggatõ. Unfortunately for this plan, Fret is not a night bird and was not evolved to fly around indoors in pitch darkness, and promptly breaks a wing. Sothet wakes Ero and asks her for help breaking into the manor and rescue Fret. Ero picks the lock on the front door, and the two sneak in. Ero, however, is as incapable of seeing in the dark as Fret, (Though pretending otherwise) and knocks over a vase, only barely managing to catch it before it shattered. Sothet manages to retrieve Fret and she and Ero sneak back out. Sothet then wakes Thiet in the middle of the night to ask him to heal Fret’s wing, but while he can help the healing process along, he cannot mend broken bones in an instant.

The next morning, the party makes the climb for the third time. Upon reaching the camp, they find that there are now five people there. Erkad tries talking to them again but the party quickly concludes that they are bandits and the party attacks and quickly overwhelms the bandits, killing three and taking the other two prisoner. One prisoner—an elf—refuses to say anything, but when the party mentions leniency in exchange for cooperation, the second prisoner—a human who gives his name as Dathus—is willing to talk. Dathus tells the party that he had never intended to be a bandit and was forced into it by a tall, mysterious stranger with mind-control powers. Dathus is not a very good liar and the party is skeptical, but they decide to take the two back to Aggatõ where they can be imprisoned and tried (If any of the Rissash can be bothered to pass judgement)


Lethriloth Lethriloth

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